Our Services

Our Services Include


  • Integration to the community and for recovery for mental health Service Users and ongoing rehab for physical and ACC Service Users.


  • To support Service Users in meeting their optimum potential that the Service User has identified.


  • To work in partnership establishing these goals and to construct a plan to attain them with regular reviews.




In accordance with our Mission Statement it is important that we provide a wide and varied programme of activities which can be tailored to enhance the health and wellbeing of each Service User under our care.


To that end, it is expected that every Service User is given assistance in completing a recreation profile which will identify likes and dislikes and afford a tailored programme of activities for the individual which should include physical and social activities that can enhance both health and wellbeing as well as provide a better quality of life.


Pukeko Blue Ltd utilise various non-governmental organisations (NGO’s) in the community such as SkillWise, Te Awa, Friends of Floyds, Step Ahead, Delta and Able Tours.  We maintain a good working relationship with all NGO’s and actively encourage Service Users to attend, and where necessary transport to and from activities is provided.


Other activities we encourage our Service Users to participate in are walking, using the in-house gym equipment, bowls, skittles, and various board games. Staff at each house are encouraged to arrange a group lunch or picnic for Service Users. Group BBQ lunches at the park during the summer months are always popular with Service Users and staff.


Service Users and staff together choose and arrange day trips and outings for the house to go on.  Some of the outings Service Users have been on have included: concerts, Temuka, Orana Park, Motukarara Races, Diamond Harbour Ferry and the Willowbank – Ko Tane Experience.


It is our policy to ensure that every Service User has the opportunity to attend their choice of social activity, attend church, outings, go shopping and maintain contact with Family/Whanau in the community. This is achieved through providing each Pukeko Blue Ltd house with their own vehicle to use as and when required.


We aim to provide a good balance of group activities which build confidence and social skills as well as one-to-one activities which promote a therapeutic relationship between staff and Service Users.

  • Trees for Canterbury
  • Waiora Gardens
  • Some Service Users have part time jobs
  • Step Ahead
  • Pool tournaments
  • Swimming
  • Community walks
  • 1:1 personal shopping
  • Yoga
  • Coffee group
  • Some clients have paper rounds
  • Physio programmes
  • WorkBridge
  • Hope Connect Catapult
  • Peeep
  • Library visits